Closely monitor your finances with Momenteo’s reports

Should you take more contracts? Should you bill more? Where can you cut expenses? Have every insights you need about your freelancer life to take the right decisions when it matters.

Closely monitor your finances with Momenteo’s reports

Data is knowledge

You’ll find a wide array of financial reports and statistics on Momenteo to help you set up your career as a freelancer or a self-employed worker. In alphabetical order, you have access to: Aging Payables, Aging Receivables, Dashboard, Estimates List, Expenses List, Invoice Items, Open Tabs, Payments Collected, Profit & Loss, Revenues, Tax Summary, Time to pay ranking, Travels Journal. On the dashboard, you can see your net profit, the available money, the due taxes, and the cash in the bank at one glance. In sum, you have everything your accountant needs regarding your finances.

Data is knowledge

Invoicing and bookkeeping

Furthermore, you can easily manage your company's bookkeeping thanks to the income and expense reports. You will also find the Bank Reconciliation feature under the Other Operations tab so that you can closely track your finances.

Accountant access

Please note that it is also possible to print these reports and also download them in PDF or CSV. We are also working on a new functionality: the accountant access. Indeed, your accountant will have access to your reports by using a customized access.


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have access to my old reports?

    Yes, you have access to all the reports you ever created in your Momenteo account. Simply filter the dates according to your needs in the Reports tab.

  • Where can I find my tax report?

    You have access to your tax report and therefore the amounts due to the government in the Reports tab.

  • Can my accountant use the data in my reports?

    Absolutely. Momenteo was made to help you with every step along the way so that you can do your accounting seamlessly. That includes communicating with your accountant and doing your taxes. with. Please note that a new way of accessing this information is being created, especially for your accountant.

  • In what format can I download my reports?

    All your reports are available in PDF and CSV formats.