(Your data is stored in the safest way possible.)

At Momenteo, the security of your personal data is one of the top priority. It is mandatory that our customers can rely on our platform to host their sensitive financial informations.

We use multiple state-of-the-art technologies to make sure your data will always be safe and accessible.

256-bit SSL

We don’t mess around with eavesdropping. With the encryption technology used on Momenteo, It would basically take ~6.7e40 times longer than the age of the universe to exhaust half of the keyspace of a key.

Your credit card numbers, bank account information, and your payment gateway account details – are encrypted in our database using AES. So, whenever you see a lock icon next to Momenteo’s URL, you can take any action with the peace of mind that nobody but you will ever have access to your sensitive data.


All of your data and the application are stored in multiple secure geographical locations. If the main server ever has an hardware failure, which is highly unlikely, another set of servers in a different location will relay it seamlessly. So, even in case of a firestorm or a nuclear war, you should still be able to do your freelance accounting.


Every night, your data will be backed up and replicated on multiple instances in different locations. This means no single failure will ever cause a data loss. Even in case of major catastrophes, your data will be quickly restored.

Managed hosting

Momenteo infrastructure is hosted on Amazon, the biggest and most trusted company for Web Services. Most of the major companies in the world have their infrastructure hosted and maintained by the experts at Amazon. They provide quick support and have multiple fail-safe solutions for even the worst scenarios.

If you have any security concerns or questions feel free to contact us at