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Email support

We answer questions and requests by email Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. Please note that we do not provide phone support. We will reply as soon as possible.

Knowledge base

Do you have a question about how Momenteo works or how to send an invoice? We have compiled our most frequently asked questions to better help you with whatever Momenteo-related questions you may have in our help center. You will likely find what you are looking for at this place.

A few frequently asked questions about Momenteo

What is an active client?

Unlike other invoicing tools, Momenteo works according to your number of active clients. An active client is simply someone you sent an invoice to during a financial year. Please note that you can send an unlimited number of invoices and estimates to your clients.

The system does not allow me to create a new invoice.

You may have reached your plan's limit of active clients. You can archive past clients for the next financial year or choose to upgrade your current plan.

Does Momenteo have a mobile app?

Momenteo does not have a mobile app; however, accessing our invoicing tool with a web browser, like Chrome or Safari, is possible directly from your phone or tablet.

Is Momenteo a deductible expense for businesses?

Yes, your business tools like invoicing and accounting software can be considered a business expense. You can find your invoices and subscription info in your settings.