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How to Survive the Seasonal Depression

<p>Even if we have snow earlier this year, it seems that since the October timeshift a few weeks ago, days are more grey, heavy and depressing. Do you know what the seasonal depression is? According to some studies, approximately 18% of all Canadians, mostly women, are affected by this minor illness at this time of the year. What are the symptoms? The most common ones are weight gain, irritability, difficulty concentrating and lack of energy. You think you are currently living these and think that it will be impossible to continue until the Christmas holidays? Here are some tips to help you fight again the seasonal depression.</p> <p><strong>Go outside on sunny and rainy days</strong></p> <p>We have to confess that with these cold and rainy days we only want one thing: stay at home in comfy and warm clothes, under a blanket. Unfortunately, you are a self-employed person and there is a lot of work to do that cannot wait (No, watching Netflix is not a priority!) One of the ways to help you stay motivated during these hard times is to go outside at least 15 minutes per day. You do not have to go run a marathon each morning to feel better. Find realistic goals and combine the pleasant with the useful. You do not have enough milk for your cereals? Go for a walk to the closest supermarket. You can also go all around the house to check if everything is in order. In addition to oxygenate your mind, your body will have vitamin D, which comes directly from the sun. A lack of vitamin D can have as a consequence to let you be more tired or edgy.</p> <p><strong>Don&rsquo;t live in a bubble</strong></p> <p>Fight the false need to isolate yourself by meeting other human beings (no, your favorite actors from your beloved TV shows are not considered as real human beings!). In today&rsquo;s working world where everything can be done remotely with e-mails and computers, go find human warmth outside your home. It can be simple as going to a coffee shop once a week or to rent a coworking office once in a while. Furthermore, November and December are perfect months to go out with friends, especially few weeks before Christmas. Since the Christmas holidays are often planned to be with family members, take advantage of the less busy weeks to go take a caf&eacute; or to try a new restaurant with some friends. You could also go shopping your Christmas presents with people you like! This will certainly get you in a good mood.</p> <p><strong>Ready for a new project?</strong></p> <p>We often wait for the new year to start new projects, but why not start earlier this year? (Yes, watching a new TV show can be a new project, but only if your work is done!) Would it be nice and stimulating to complete one of your goals when it is grey outside? You always wanted to take a dance lesson or try a new sport? You have been thinking for a long time to go to the hairdresser for a new haircut or to try a new trendy restaurant? Do not wait until January 1st to write your resolutions. You always loathed your office&rsquo;s d&eacute;cor? If you can, take some time off, decorate or paint your workplace to make sure it remains motivating and fresh even if it is raining outside. It will then be easier to work if you feel in harmony with your office.</p> <p><strong>Take time to reward yourself</strong></p> <p>In conclusion, since it is harder to stay motivated and productive when it is cold outside, take time to reward yourself more often. You deserve it. It is not always easy to be a self-employed worker. If you managed to get out of your bed and get dressed (God knows how difficult these can be when your bed is warm and cozy), yes you have the right to go get a nice latt&eacute; if you feel for it. Here is a little tip to help you fulfill all you need to do: make a list of all your work and match your tasks with a reward depending on how difficult or how much time is required. Did you manage to do a translator in a timely fashion? Complete a task that was painful? Finish a project earlier than expected? Take a break and do something you enjoy. This could be to go to the nearest bakery for a dessert, read a magazine or take a warm bath. Nevertheless, we need to remind you that weight gain is one of the seasonal depression symptoms, so be careful with your rewards and choose wisely.</p> <p>There are many other tips to help you survive the gray and cold days of fall, but the most important thing is to find the tips that work for you. We hope you could give you some ideas on how to stay motivated and productive even if the seasonal depression is everywhere. In addition, since Christmas is now in less than a month, it might be soon easier to work with the holidays&rsquo; spirit in mind.</p> <p>Momenteo wishes you a happy holiday season and a prosperous 2019!</p>