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Why Become a Member of a Chamber of Commerce

<p><em>Whether you&#39;ve been an entrepreneur for many years or just a few weeks, you may feel like you&#39;re alone in this adventure. In fact, this sense of isolation may even have increased since the beginning of the pandemic. So, have you ever thought about registering with the chamber of commerce in your region? Here are some reasons why chambers of commerce can help businesses, especially entrepreneurs!</em></p> <h3><strong>Chambers of commerce for everyone</strong></h3> <p>Before we begin, let&#39;s take a moment to talk about the chambers of commerce and the industry in general. You may not be familiar with these organizations. It is a group of businesses from a specific region or community that represents themselves and lends a hand to its members in various ways. Unity is strength, what! Note that to become a member, you must register and pay a fee.</p> <p>There are dozens of chambers of commerce and industry in Quebec. First, there are chambers by region and big cities. For example, there is the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, the Board of Trade and Industry of Quebec, and the Board of Trade of the RCM de l&#39;Assomption or the Magdalen Islands. In short, there is probably a chamber of commerce not too far from your home. Second, it is important to note that there are different chambers of commerce, including the chambers of commerce for young entrepreneurs (18 to 40 years old most of the time), for the LGBT community and even for different communities &ndash; for example, the Haitian Junior Chamber of Commerce or the Canadian-Tunisian Chamber of Commerce. In short, with all these choices, you will most likely find a chamber of commerce that meets your needs. Don&#39;t hesitate to take a look at the Quebec federation of chambers of commerce or the Regroupement des jeunes chambres du commerce du Qu&eacute;bec to find the chamber of commerce you need.</p> <h3><strong>Be in contact with other entrepreneurs</strong></h3> <p>But specifically, what are the advantages of becoming a member of a chamber of commerce? In our opinion, the most important is being in contact with other entrepreneurs. When you are a freelancer, self-employed worker or entrepreneur, you should not neglect having a good network. You never know who will be able to find you the customer or the contract of the year. Also, it&#39;s always helpful to know a few experienced entrepreneurs if you have a question. Chances are you&#39;ll have some during your career!</p> <p>Chambers of commerce and industry organize several activities throughout the year so that their <a href="">members can network</a>. However, with the pandemic, in-person activities like golf tournaments or lunch and information sessions did not happen, they were replaced by online events. In addition, when you become a member of a chamber of commerce, you often have the opportunity to add your company to a membership directory. If you do, don&#39;t forget to put a link to your website to improve your SEO!</p> <h3><strong>Have access to different services and training</strong></h3> <p>In addition to having access to a network of entrepreneurs, the chambers of commerce and industry allows you to have access to various services such as mentoring, coaching, and training. The knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs is often used to help those who are just starting out. Several entrepreneurs also offer training on how to start your business or develop your business network. As well, a great thing about this is the training sessions are free or inexpensive when you are a member. Often, there are volunteer opportunities within different committees that will give you a chance to acquire new skills.</p> <p>As we indicated in our article <a href="">How to keep up to date in your field</a>, you need to know the latest trends on how things are done. That way, you know you are utilizing best practices. As the training offered by the chambers of commerce is quite varied, there will undoubtedly be some that will help you manage your business.&nbsp;</p> <h3><strong>Benefit from special offers&nbsp;and discounts</strong></h3> <p>Last but not least, is the benefits and discounts that you get when you become a member of a chamber of commerce. The vast majority of chambers of commerce offer various discounts and benefits to their members. This includes discounts on delivery services, insurance or stores in the area. Most of the benefits are listed directly on the websites.&nbsp;</p> <p>As well, many times the members of a chamber of commerce and industry offer exclusive discounts to other members. This is great if you want to show your products and services to people in your region. To do this, you must check with the partnerships manager. Let&#39;s say you are a photographer, you could offer your services for professional photoshoots and offer a special rate to members of your chamber of commerce. Remember that relevance is often the key.</p> <p>In conclusion, you should seriously consider becoming a member of a chamber of commerce. In addition to there being several in Quebec (depending on your region, your age or your community), you will have access to a large number of entrepreneurs who can certainly help you. Also, registration fees are often tax-deductible &ndash; as is the case for Momenteo! Find out more!</p>