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Help! I have tons of late work!

<p>Nobody is immune to overwork. Many unplanned events may also occur and cause important delays in your work. Who never had a computer issue at a very inopportune time? Who never missed their bus a day where no delay was allowed? Deadlines are coming quickly and you wish to be able to submit all your work on time to keep your good reputation. Before you lose your mind, take a deep breath and read the following lines. Here are our tips to help you survive and manage this situation where everything seems out of control.</p> <h3><strong>Start with a list</strong></h3> <p>It is true that your workload might seem insurmountable if it is a jumble and not organized. The first step in order to help you regain control over your work is to make a list including all you need to do and how long it should take. Besides helping you to aim your priorities, it will help you plan your work which will avoid the waste of time between projects. Moreover, it is for many very rewarding to take off something from their list. You do not know what to begin with? We suggest you start with an easier project in order to warm up for the harder ones.</p> <h3><strong>It is not rocket science to delegate</strong></h3> <p>Your loved ones, friends and family, can be powerful allies to help you to submit all your projects on time. Do not underestimate what they can do for you. To start with, it is possible to gain more time if you ask your beloved ones to help you with your daily tasks. Know how to use your network&rsquo;s abilities to your advantage. Do you have a friend who could correct your texts? A cousin who knows how to design that could help you finish an urgent montage? Dare to ask, they will probably be happy to help you if it is once in a while.</p> <p>Moreover, you might know other professionals that could accept to help you. They might even accept to do it free of charge, however, they also might ask for some money. Take a few minutes to validate if it is worth to lose some money in order to keep a good reputation. Do not forget to verify the work done by others since you stay the one in charge. Furthermore, do not be surprised if the ones who helped you ask for your help in the future.</p> <h3><strong>Negotiate with your customer</strong></h3> <p>If all the steps above were followed and you still think that you will not be able to do everything, try to negotiate a later date with your customer. It is true that it is something difficult to ask because you might look like someone who failed; however, it is better to warn your client that you will not be able to submit your work on time than submitting it late without any explanations. Besides looking true and honest, it will look like you are someone who cares. Do not explain yourself for hours, it is not what most customers want. It happens that a project can be submitted with a small delay without causing any harm. Establish a trustful relationship with your clients; it will then be easier to work with them. However, make sure this situation is an exception.</p> <h3><strong>Learn from your mistakes</strong></h3> <p>When everything is submitted and over, take time to find the reasons why you were late. Was it because your work was harder than planned? Was it because it took more time? Did you accept too many projects at the same time? Make sure then that this situation will not happen in the future. In addition, you could plan the unplanned delays and events by adding time to your schedule. You think you might be not productive enough? Read our tips on<a href="" target="_blank"> how to be a more productive person</a>.</p> <p>In conclusion, although delays can make you feel like to do not have any control anymore, take a deep breath and do not give up. Make a list, ask your friends and family to help you, be honest with your clients, know how to find what went wrong, and everything should be better and easier. Avoid to lose your mind and look for solutions. Although there a no magic recipe to avoid problems and unplanned events, add them to your schedule. At best it will take you less time to finish all your tasks!</p> <p></p>