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How to Choose an Accountant for Your Business

<p>After hearing what our freelancers had to say about finding an accountant when they started out, we decided to write this article. Several experienced freelancers like <a href="">Genevi&egrave;ve Boucher</a> and <a href="">Midorie Villeneuve Chass&eacute; </a>mentioned that finding an accountant should be one of the first things you do when starting as a self-employed person. With that said, what can you do to find an accountant (and not a friend of a friend) who will support you in this new adventure? Let&#39;s take a closer look.</p> <h3><strong>&nbsp;Why You Need an Accountant</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;Before we get to the heart of the matter, let&#39;s take a few seconds to explain why you most likely need an accountant. First, Georges St-Pierre (yes, the champion of martial arts) said in a conference that he knew he had a chance at becoming a champion because he surrounded himself around the right people. If you don&#39;t know anything about accounting, like which status would be best for your business or what to put as deductions, why not make an appointment with someone who does? Write down all your questions and go for it!</p> <p>&nbsp;You don&rsquo;t have to work with an accountant, but it is recommended. Working with an accountant can be a major expense, but it can save valuable time and prevent mistakes&ndash;which could be even more expensive in the end. You can also meet with an accountant when you find yourself having to make difficult decisions or you want help planning for retirement. They can certainly be valuable help! All you have to do is track your money coming in and <a href="">billing with Momenteo!</a> You can then focus on what you do best and what you&#39;re passionate about so that you can be a winner!</p> <h3><strong>Talk to Those Around You</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;Perhaps you already know an accountant or already have one for your tax return&ndash;it could be a family member or a friend of yours. However, if you don&#39;t know where to start your research, why not ask for help from those around you? Surely someone knows someone! It&#39;s always nicer to get a recommendation from someone you can trust, isn&#39;t it?</p> <h3><strong>&nbsp;Ask Other Freelancers</strong></h3> <p>You may have just joined some groups for freelancers or self-employed people. Maybe you&#39;ve started networking. Since some accountants have different specialties, why not ask for some references from other freelancers you know? They should be able to help you find the rare gem that will answer all your questions about the new world of entrepreneurship. As well, don&#39;t hesitate to ask if the person you are inquiring about has experience with entrepreneurship.</p> <p>&nbsp;Whether you need to find an accountant or have an everyday question answered about best practices when you&#39;re self-employed, we suggest you take the time to be in groups and network. There are plenty on social media! Sometimes you feel lonely when you work from home. You may also feel misunderstood with your job. A strong network can certainly help you cope and stay motivated, as well as support you with your questions. As mentioned above, it is by surrounding yourself with the right people that you can rise!</p> <h3><strong>Do Some Research via the Web</strong></h3> <p>If need be, don&#39;t hesitate to take a quick look via search engines. Your search results will give you access to many professionals, as well as their fees and specialties. Also, take the time to see if they have any recommendations on their website or Google My Business page. In addition, you can certainly ask for quotes if you have an idea of which accountants you want to work with. If you feel a little lost in this journey, you can work with entrepreneurial groups or with organizations like Small Business Development Centers.</p> <h3><strong>&nbsp;Don&#39;t Forget the Professional Corporations</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;You may want to work with a professional who is competent and not an acquaintance who kind of knows what do to help you start your business. What can you do to make sure you work with a pro? After references, make sure your accountant is really one! You can easily verify this by asking if he/she is a CPA: Chartered Professional Accountant. All members are listed on the provincial CPA website. A professional accountant will also include their title in their signature. In short, don&#39;t put your accounting in the hands of anyone, give it to professionals who will know how to properly support you.</p> <h3><strong>&nbsp;Chemistry Matters!</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;And after a few quotes, listen to your inner voice. Find an accountant who can support you and speak the same language as you. You don&#39;t want to leave your accounting appointments with more questions than when you arrived, do you? You have got to click with him/her! For your partnership to be successful, you must have a relationship of trust.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In conclusion, you have the right to delegate. If accounting is not your cup of tea, find an accountant who will support you. Start by asking for references from your friends and freelancers you know, and then do your research. Unfortunately, there is no Tinder site yet to find the perfect match between you and an accountant, but we&#39;re sure you&#39;ll find the right person!</p> <p>&nbsp;Do you like your accountant? Who is your rare gem?</p>