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Should You Post Your Prices or Not?

<p>In the freelance or self-employed communities, many questions often come up. We ask how to find our first contracts or what to do when a customer doesn&#39;t want to pay. Another popular question is, &#39;&#39;should I post my prices on my website or not?&#39;&#39; The answers are varied! So, we decided to make a list of arguments in favour of both options so that you can make an informed decision.</p> <h2><br /> <strong>3 Arguments in Favour of Displaying Your Prices</strong></h2> <p>In the left corner, we have the arguments of those who are in favour of posting their prices on their website.</p> <h3>It filters requests.</h3> <p>Your time is precious. Everyone knows that. You probably want to waste as little time as possible with clients who have unrealistic budgets or projects. One way to keep only interesting projects is to simply post your rates on your site. So, if your prices don&#39;t match the potential client&#39;s, they&#39;ll just go on their way, and you can focus on the more interesting requests.</p> <h3>It shows your transparency.</h3> <p>A business relationship, especially a new one, must be based on trust in order to succeed. When you post your prices on your site, it shows that you are a transparent professional. Don&#39;t hesitate to indicate everything that is included in your work. The more information there is, the fewer disagreements there will be between you and a client. Of course, if you post your rates, it would be important to respect them. If necessary, you can always indicate that your prices start at a certain amount.</p> <h3>It&#39;s information most people are looking for.</h3> <p>Often when a potential customer visits your website, they expect to find information about your services. This often includes your rates. Therefore, if they do not find your rates easily, it can cause frustration. They can then give up. Make life easy for your potential customers and make sure to put everything they might need to contact you.</p> <h2><br /> <strong>4 Arguments for not Displaying Your Prices</strong></h2> <p>In the right corner, we have the arguments of those who are not in favour of posting their prices on their website.</p> <h3>It initiates contact.</h3> <p>If you don&#39;t post your prices on your site, potential customers may decide to contact you directly to find out more or to request a quote. So, you gain a valuable opportunity to make contact where you can sell yourself well and explain everything you offer. It&#39;s much less impersonal than adding a simple number to a web page. That means, don&#39;t forget to add your contact information!</p> <h3>It allows for some flexibility.</h3> <p>We know that some freelancers or self-employed people can adjust their rates depending on the situation they face. For example, you may offer a preferential price to a new client who has really interesting projects or in an area where you are looking to make a name for yourself. You may also want to offer a guaranteed work agreement or discounts to your long-time partners. When you don&#39;t display your rates, you keep some flexibility. So, you can adjust your prices and make sure you meet the different needs of your customers.</p> <h3>You work in a competitive field.</h3> <p>You may be working in an area that is very competitive and where you have to keep your prices secret. If you don&#39;t, the competition has an advantage. You may offer a lower starting price or a discount to certain types of projects of which you are an expert. These are good reasons why it&#39;s best not to publicly post your rates. However, keep in mind that your competitors, with a little bit of effort, can often have a good idea of your prices.</p> <h3>&nbsp;Your projects are tailor-made.</h3> <p>&nbsp;Maybe you just can&#39;t display your prices on your site because your services are too diverse or vary a lot. If this is the case, you need to know your customer&#39;s needs before submitting a personalized quote or if you charge more depending on the time you are given. Again, it would be helpful to put a description of the services you offer with examples of completed projects on your website. You will be able to answer some of your visitors&#39; questions and perk their interest. Finally, invite new customers to contact you for a quote and respond to them as soon as possible.</p> <p></p> <h2><strong>Billing the Right Rates</strong></h2> <p>&nbsp;Whether you decide to display your prices or not, remember to charge the right rates. Keep in mind that you need to consider the time you use to prospect, track, bill, etc. when submitting a quote. It would be a shame to work at a loss, wouldn&#39;t it?&nbsp; As we know, when you start your career on your own, it can be attractive to offer low prices at the outset to get your first customers. Avoid this if possible, as it will be difficult for you to increase your prices afterwards and this does not help freelancers in general. If necessary, take a look at our tips for <a href="">Setting Your Rates as a Self-Employed</a> Person.</p> <p></p> <p>In conclusion, you may very well decide to display your prices, this is still your decision.&nbsp;You can say that your rates start at a certain amount or offer retainer rates. The important thing is to know what you are comfortable with. Once you&#39;ve finally made your choice, don&#39;t forget to make it official by taking the time to write it down on a <a href="">service contract</a>!&nbsp; Happy billing!</p>