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7 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe as a Freelancer

<p><em>Today we will talk about how to work safely for a freelancer, and more precisely, about the risk of not making a profit and how to avoid it. Let&#39;s talk about problem clients and how they pose a threat to us. We will discuss how to overcome difficulties in working with clients and how not to be deceived.</em></p> <p><em>So, here are some rules that will help you in your freelance work, as well as save your nerves and keep them:</em></p> <p></p> <h3><strong>1-Contract</strong></h3> <p>To avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters and get the desired payment for your work, conclude an agreement with the customer. There are raincoats on which the contract function is built. If the customer refuses to <a href="" target="_blank">conclude a contract of services</a>, you should agree with him on an advance payment. Many did not think about this broadcast seriously. You must have a guarantee that you will receive money for the completed work. Always take a prepayment of 25-50%.</p> <h3><strong>2-How to avoid data leakage when working on freelance</strong></h3> <p>It happens that the customer asks for the installation of some software to do the job. To avoid phishing, it is also important not to follow third-party links. Install the proper programs, install the appropriate resources that you need with the calculation of intruders. It is recommended that you check the domain names of the sites to be sure that this is not a &quot;copied site&quot;, that is, just a clone.</p> <h3><strong>3-Disrespect and insults</strong></h3> <p>Yes, as in any job, your emotional and psychological stability, and therefore safety, is important. It often happens that newcomers to the freelance industry allow themselves to be disrespected. They find it difficult to find customers and want to enter the market with experience in at least something, even if it is unpleasant. If they are rude to you, do not be rude in return. Just ignore the person and cut the deal with them. And don&#39;t take everything to heart. Of course, it can be a shame that something does not work out from the first attempts, but this is absolutely normal.</p> <h3><strong>4-Working with the client</strong></h3> <p>An important point in working with a client is communication. And here it is worth using this advice: stay in touch throughout the project, communicate with voice messages whenever possible. Thanks to the good reviews of your customers, more people will contact you who know that you can be entrusted with a certain task, and this will save you nerves and efforts in finding new customers.</p> <p>Work is important for both parties: you will receive money and good feedback for it, which will give you a rise in the freelance rating, and your work will bring money to the customer. Try to meet the previously approved deadlines, because failure to comply threatens a bad reputation and bad reviews.</p> <h3><strong>5-Refusal to work</strong></h3> <p>Do not hesitate to give up the project, because this is normal. If something suddenly seems wrong to you, it is better to refuse. Over time, you will have some kind of &quot;flair&quot; for the client. It will not be clear right away, it will come with experience. Over time, you will learn to &ldquo;filter out&rdquo; positive and negative customers faster.</p> <p>It is very important to remember that your client is your customer and your goal is to please them, so if you feel like your project is failing, tell the client that your working relationship is not beneficial to outside parties. Yes, you may not make money, but you will save your nervous system from negativity.</p> <h3><strong>6-Fast work</strong></h3> <p>Sometimes you may come across customers who had or have little experience in the development of something. Most often, these are representatives of small businesses who are engaged in the development of websites or the development of simple sites.</p> <p>What is the danger? Answer: They overestimate their qualifying skills too much with basic and beginner skills. They can give you a job that they will appreciate in a small amount of time, when in fact it will take you a lot more.</p> <p><strong>What to do in such a situation?</strong></p> <ul> <li> <p>Try to calmly discuss important points and explain to the client why the time appointed by them is not enough. You may come across quite stubborn people. Be calm and discreet.</p> </li> <li> <p>If this does not help, then offer a common solution and invite them to request an estimate from another (preferably experienced) developer.</p> </li> <li> <p>If this is in vain, and your customer, insisting on their own, then it is better to refuse to work with them.</p> </li> <li> <p>If the problems are discussed after the first attempt, and you come to a common solution, you will receive more payment than the previously delivered solution.</p> </li> </ul> <h3><strong>7-Airbag</strong></h3> <p>Surely everyone who worked had the idea that something could happen to his company, and he would just be left without work? In this case, it is worth considering that you can save money for the future. You can also use <a href="" target="_blank">ICOholder</a> so that, by depositing a small amount of money for your age, and tracking cryptocurrency rates, you can withdraw more funds at the moment.</p> <p>Reliability and some kind of security in this matter is important and appropriate. You never know what might happen tomorrow, do you? Savings can help you out in an unforeseen life situation.</p> <h3><strong>Conclusion:</strong></h3> <p>Following the advice above, we are sure - it will become easier to work. Do not forget about <a href="" target="_blank">self-development and improvement of your skills</a> - it will be useful for you and pleasant for your customers. In the future, you will get used to the chosen area and can easily cope with problem clients and unpleasant moments. If you are just a beginner in this area, you should not be afraid of problems, because they happen to everyone and in every area. You will succeed! We wish you patience, energy, and good luck in all your endeavors.</p> <p></p> <p><em>David Walker economic writer and content creator. Strives to meet your requirements within your given deadline. David have acquired over ten years of work experience in finance and investing.</em></p>

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