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Overcoming the Feeling of Loneliness When You're a Freelancer

<p>There are many advantages to becoming a freelancer or self-employed person, but after a few days, weeks, or months you may feel lonely. Maybe you start to miss your former colleagues and the interactions you had when you were working in a company. It&#39;s normal, we are social beings and don&#39;t like being isolated. Here are some tips to overcome loneliness when you&#39;re a freelancer.</p> <p></p> <h3><strong>Work Elsewhere than Your Home</strong></h3> <p>Our first suggestion to overcome the feeling of loneliness that freelancers often experience is to work somewhere else than your home from time to time. You can have the greatest home office, but your plants or walls may not be the most talkative. It may also be more difficult to focus if you are at home. There are many public places where you could work in peace such as cafes, libraries and shared offices, also called coworking spaces. You don&#39;t have to go there every day either. This allows you to see other people and have some interaction.</p> <p>&nbsp;Regarding shared offices, Momenteo has written about a few of them. We invite you to take a look <a href="">at our blog</a> to discover them. So far, we have talked about ECO, the open collaborative space of Rivi&egrave;re-du-Loup, &nbsp;the Z-space in Montreal and the Niviti space in Quebec City. In addition to being with other self-employed people like you, you&#39;ll have access to several tools you may not have at home. Many collaborative spaces offer flexible packages where you can work part-time or full-time, depending on your needs.</p> <p></p> <h3><strong>Sign up for a Course or Physical Activity</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;As we mentioned in our article <a href="">Be a Freelancer Who is Physically Active: Why and How?</a>, there are many benefits to engaging in physical activity when you are a freelancer or self-employed. First, it has been proven that physical activity like sports helps you maintain good mental health, and improves your sleep quality, concentration and boosts the immune system. Physical activities can also help you take a real break from your work and all your tasks. There are so many activities which means there&#39;s bound to be one for you. And when you go to these classes, you will meet other people and interact with them. Also, if you work on your own, you may have a flexible schedule. Take the opportunity to go to the gym or the pool at times when it&#39;s less crowded. That&#39;s what self-employed communications officer and yoga teacher <a href="">Midorie Villeneuve-Chass&eacute;</a> does!</p> <p></p> <h3><strong>Schedule Happy Hour with Your Friends or Other Professionals&nbsp;</strong></h3> <p>&nbsp;As the expression goes work hard play hard. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do and forget about going out. Then one week passes and another without having left the house other than to go grocery shopping. It is not very good in the long run on your mental health. Why not plan a fixed weekly or monthly outing with friends? In addition to having a good time with people you like, it will decrease your stress level. It could always be the same day. For example, every first Thursday of the month which will make it easier for you to fit this in your schedule.</p> <p>&nbsp;And why not do the same with a professional group? There are many networking groups that often meet. You should take a look at this because it is as much of an opportunity for a great outing as it is for making professional connections. You could meet people there and at the same time possibly find some great contracts. If networking isn&#39;t your cup of tea, check out our tips in our <a href="">101 Networking</a> article.</p> <p></p> <h3><strong>Meet your Customers from Time to Time</strong></h3> <p>Now that we do most of our work online, face-to-face meetings have quickly been replaced by emails, phone and video calls. While this often allows you to be more efficient, it greatly decreases human interaction. Sometimes it is better to meet your clients in person. For example, when it&#39;s the first time you&#39;ve worked together. This will give you the opportunity to better understand your client, ask questions, and define the terms of the contract. Most of the time, your customers will be happy to meet you, put a face to the emails and calls.</p> <p>&nbsp;You could do the same with some of your partners and collaborators if it makes sense. Have a coffee and discuss how you see the project being carried out. You don&#39;t need to go to this sort of meeting with a big portfolio either.</p> <p><br /> In conclusion, although you may at times think so, you are not alone. Whether it&#39;s your family, friends, customers or employees, there are many people around you. Sometimes it only takes one phone call to catch up on the latest news or arrange an outing. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to do something. You&#39;ll feel better after seeing other humans than if you stay locked up in your home.</p> <p></p> <p></p>